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How quickly can I improve my English?                  Listen to this mp3!

This is the most frequently asked question. The answer is as follows:

Learning a language is like doing sport. (If you don’t like doing either then you really need a dose of discipline in your life).

The more often you train your body or brain the better you become and the easier and more enjoyable it gets.

The most important point is to practise regularly, preferably every day. This doesn’t mean that we expect you to have daily lessons with us, although we would be happy to have you. Most people cannot spare the time and have a limited budget.

It is not our goal to keep you as long as possible - quite the contrary.

Our aim is for you to start enjoying learning English to the point you can continue learning independently. We’ll train you using our proven methods and techniques and give you resources to reach this independence.

The best recipe for mastering the English language is daily practice. “Ah”, we hear you say “but I just don’t have the time!”


Firstly, we all know if we really want something we make the time.

Secondly, we manage to find time to brush our teeth or have a shower and we have made it a routine without much thought.

So 5 minutes a day would improve your English. If that sounds attractive and possible for you call or email us to show you how you can have guaranteed success.

E-Mail      info@englishtrainers.de